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About Us

My name is Donyelle Lytle and I started Bronzed Memories in July of 2011.  I am a mother of three beautiful girls.  I realized after having complications with my second pregnancy and my daughter being born at only 28 weeks just how precious their memories are.  When my daughter was 8 days old, a wonderful NICU nurse took an impression of her foot for a Father's Day gift.  It is only when I show people that foot impression, that they realize just how small she really was.  I thought by becoming a Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant and starting Bronzed Memories that I could play an important role in helping other families preserve similar precious and unique memories of their sweet angels (pets included!).  Patty-Cakes® not only last a lifetime but can be passed down for generations!

It is never too late to get Patty-Cakes® impressions done for your child or children.  Patty-Cakes® can be done for any age child.  However, the smaller and younger the child the more precious the memory.  
Remember, they'll never be this small again so contact us today to schedule your appointment!

As for the process, this is how it works: I can either come to you, meet you somewhere or you can come to me.  I will then take the hand and/or foot impression(s) of your child on a safe and sterile clay mold.  The clay impression then goes through a 35 step process to become a finished antique bronze product of superb quality.

All Patty-Cakes® products are backed by a complete Lifetime Warranty.  If you experience a problem with the workmanship with your child or pet's keepsake, simply contact me.  The Lifetime Warranty does exclude damage caused by abuse or customer misuse.

We require a deposit of half the total cost at the time of taking the impression(s) with the balance due when the product(s) are delivered.  We accept cash, check or credit card payments through PayPal.  It takes 12-14 weeks to complete the process and receive your product(s).  Depending on your location, we will either have the product(s) directly shipped to you or we will hand-deliver your product(s). 

The process is the same for Patty-Paws.  Patty-Paws can be done for almost any 4-legged pet near and dear to your heart.  This includes cats and dogs or any other animal that will leave an impression in clay and won't bite my fingers off :)
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