Bronzed Memories LLC

A Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant

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Bronzing precious memories of your child one
hand and foot print at a time!


We've all heard it before or said it ourselves about our children, "Cherish them while they're little because they don't stay small forever!" It seems to happen in the blink of an eye. One day you're in the hospital celebrating their birth, soon enough they're starting kindergarten and before you know it they're graduating high school and off to start a life of their own.  What better way to capture those memories of how small your child will only be for a short time than with a bronzed hand and/or foot print?  Patty-Cakes® unbreakable bronzed impressions provide memories families will cherish for generations.

Each keepsake is as individual as your child because each Patty-Cakes® impression is made from your child's own hand and foot.  There is no better way to capture the memory of how small your children are.  Patty-Cakes® impressions can be done for any age child.  There is no "best age" or "best time" to take your child's prints.  However, you can't reverse time and they will never get any smaller so contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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Bronzed Memories is an authorized Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant. Although Patty-Cakes® has been around since 1946, it is relatively new to Indiana. We take hand and/or foot impressions of your child, then those impressions are bronzed (becoming Patty-Cakes®) and are mounted to the product of your choosing. You can view the variety of products on our Products page and see all of the wonderful ways your child’s Patty-Cakes® can be preserved for a lifetime of memories!

Also, don't forget about those beloved pets in your life.  Bronzed Memories can also take paw impressions of your pet to be mounted on the product of your choosing.  Please check out our Patty-Paws page to see all of the different ways your 4-legged friend's Patty-Paws can be preserved for a lifetime of memories!


Patty-Cakes® and Patty-Paws also make wonderful long-lasting gifts.  We do offer gift certificates - please contact us for more information.
Bronzed Memories LLC, as a Patty-Cakes® consultant, is licensed to offer Patty-Cakes® products in Indiana. If you live outside this area, we suggest you contact our home office at for further assistance.

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