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Patty-Cakes® Products

Traditional Oval Plaques
$144.95 (set) or $99.95 (single)*
$164.95 (large set) or $109.95 (large single)*

These traditional oval black and bronze plaques are our best seller and all-time favorite style. Traditional Ovals compliment any decor with a formal look that really make your child's bronze impressions stand out on the black, oval background. They are perfect to mount on the wall next to your child's picture!

They come with an engraved plate on the back with information of your choice (i.e. child's name, date of birth and age at time of impression).
These traditional oval plaques can be purchased individually or as a set (shown in picture).  The large traditional oval plaques are for children between the ages of 15 months & 3 years old, depending on the child's print size.

Marble Paperweights

Marble paperweights are a great gift idea for the working Mom or Dad! Even at work, your child's memory can be close at heart with the marble paperweights. Grandparents love paperweights too!  Depending on the size and age of the child, foot prints can also be mounted on the marble paperweights. 

Paperweights are available on Onyx, Black or White genuine marble bases and come with the engraved plate (as shown).


Small Shadow Box

Patty-Cakes® Shadow Boxes continue to be among our most popular items. Hand-crafted in genuine wood and in a variety of finishes. They are the perfect way to display your child's prints on the Traditional Oval plaques because they provide not only the perfect backdrop for their prints but also the protective glass seals out dust and slides up and down to allow you to touch your special memories. Finishes include: Oak, Walnut & Cherry.

Large Shadow Box

Patty-Cakes® Large Shadow Boxes feature your child's prints on the Traditional Oval plaques, a personal photograph and an engraved plate. Finishes include: Oak, Walnut & Cherry.

Kindergarten Shadow Box

Patty-Cakes® Kindergarten Shadow Boxes feature your little learner with this special keepsake box. It has your growing child's hand print on a Traditional Oval plaque and a photograph to preserve this special age.  Finishes include: Oak, Walnut & Cherry.

Picture Frame Shadow Box


This unique picture frame shadow box will quickly become a timeless keepsake that you will treasure forever! Perfect for a mantle, desk or table, these elegant picture frames feature your child’s hand and foot print recessed in a protected shadow box. The left side will accommodate a 4x6 or 5x7 photograph. Available in Black finish (as shown).

Wooden Oval Plaques
$179.95 (set small) or $129.95 (single small)*
$194.95 (set large) or $139.95 (single large)*

Your child's Patty-Cakes® mounted on genuine wood plaques. Your child's first name is engraved on a genuine brass plate on the front of each plaque. Finishes include: Walnut, Oak & Cherry.

Small Wooden Plaques acommodate your child's hand and foot prints up to age 1 and hand print only up to age 2. Small wooden oval plaques measure 4 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Large Wooden Plaques accomodate your child's hand and foot prints up to age 1 1/2 and hand print only up to age 4. Large wooden oval plaques measure 5 1/2" x 7 1/4".

Patty-Cakes® Pair on a Wooden Plaque


These genuine wood plaques display both the hand and foot on a single fixture. A beautiful way to display your child's prints by itself or on an easel.

These wooden plaques measure 10 1/4" x 7 1/2".  Horizontal mounts are large enough to accommodate most babies age newborn to 1 year hand and foot prints. Vertical mounts are large enough to accommodate most children ages 6 months to 3 years hand and foot prints.  Your child's first name is engraved on a genuine brass plate on the front of each plaque.


*All prices subject to change.  Prices listed DO NOT include sales tax, shipping or travel fees, if applicable.  Sales tax is 7% for Indiana residents.  Shipping charge for most products is $12.95 and $16.95 for shadow boxes (if ordering multiple products shipping charge will vary). Discounts are offered for NICU babies and for parents of multiples. If you are not located within the Fishers, Indiana area I am more than happy to come to you or meet you to take your child(rens) impression. Travel fees are as follows:

Within 25 miles of the Fishers, Indiana area - no charge
26-49 miles from the Fishers, Indiana area - $20.00
50-100 miles from the Fishers, Indiana area - $30.00
101-150 miles from the Fishers, Indiana area - $40.00
151 or more miles from the Fishers, Indiana area - $70.00
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